Due to the covid-19 virus all activities involving one on one contact have been suspended until further notice.


The new kid on the block is sending text messages. That is how you were probably contacted to be a volunteer. Texting is a lot like phone banking and is perfect for this time of social distancing.

You can text from the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you. You use an app called Shadow. With Shadow, you use your computer or tablet to send out pre-written text messages to people selected by Shadow. Sorry but Shadow does not work on your smartphone. Replies are sent to an email account in Shadow and not to any of your personal accounts. After sending out the text messages you watch for any replies that come into the Shadow email box and respond accordingly. Some responses like “take me off your list” will have pre-written responses. Typically, you will take a few days to receive and reply to responses before sending out another group of text messages. Once you decide to send out test messages a DPW staff member will setup a Shadow account for you and instruct you how to use it.