Due to the covid-19 virus all activities involving one on one contact have been suspended until further notice.

Virtual Phone Bank

Phone banking is that timed honored activity of calling people and talking to them about their concerns, about who to vote for and making sure they vote. In the past you would have gotten together with other volunteers at a host location and made phone calls from there. Group phone banking however has been suspended but that does not mean you still cannot make phone calls.

Today you can phone bank in the comfort of your own home maintaining social distancing using the virtual phone bank. Using a computer or tablet and the virtual phone bank app you will be given people to call along with a script. You use your own home or cell phone. Phone banking is a good option for reaching out to people who cannot be reached by text. Once you decide to virtual phone bank a DPW staff member will setup a virtual phone bank account for you and instruct you how to use it.