Welcome Please Read and Volunteer

Our victories in the April election have shown us we can win this November 3rd. However, our recent loss in the special congressional election and the recent state supreme court ruling overturning Governor Evers stay at home order have shown us we still have a long way to go. Victory on November 3rd can be ours, but it will take commitment and hard work.

Although the presidential election is important so are our state elections and all the candidates will need our help. While we may not know who all our candidates will be, now is the time to start organizing. Our success in getting our candidates elected will depend on getting out the vote.

The goal of the Muskego Action Team is to put together a team of volunteers to mobilize our base and get out the vote this November 3rd.

To accomplish this, we need to identify our fellow Democrats and make sure they are registered to vote and that they do indeed vote on November 3rd. That is where you come in. To do this, we need volunteers to reach our supporters.

During this time of social distancing you can safely volunteer by clicking on the button below and signing up.

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Note: In some of the districts we will have a primary election on August 11th as shown in the list of our candidates. If you are interested in reading more about the candidates, the list provides a link to their websites. Not sure of what district you live in? Click HERE.